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Lazy Day
29th January 2021  
I did absolutely bugger all, yesterday!


Normally when I say that, what I actually mean is I was faffing about doing background stuff, or making a new ALChoon or something to that effect.
But, no.
Yesterday I sat watching various quiz shows on TV, a random episode of ST:TNG, and a bunch of silly YouTube stuff.
I messed about on Twitter a bit, and surfed the net casually for a fairly lengthy time.

We also got the new new microwave, and I took a silly video of the previous new microwave, which could do this..

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.. which isn't ideal when the buttons are so hard to push, and every single attempt to use the thing results in it sliding around the bench.
Even pulling the door open requires more force than it takes to pull the entire microwave off the bench.
Nope.. Nope....

The new new one's much weightier, and infinitely more useable as a result.

... So, yeah, nothing to report.
I literally had a day off.

Today I need to start work on Rumbled Ground for Switch, and see how that game turns out. I might also start a Browsercade edition, but I don't like repetition.. I mean, look how bad it looks up at the top, where Meatballs in Space is currently showing up twice.

In an ideal world, I'd combine those two games into one entry, but then that'd make things a bit more complicated to keep track of.


I still haven't decided what's best for Clusters of Hex. (See yesterday's blog)
Any comments are appreciated.

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