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Reworking Rumbled
31st January 2021  
Spent yesterday rewriting this week's Switch game (which still isn't finished yet!) into the Browsercade.


At this rate, I'll likely be doing another Monday/Tuesday release, like I did last week.
As far as my schedule goes, this does seem to be a fairly decent way to go, although. .. Honestly, releasing two games in two days probably isn't that good for my health!!

It does, however, give me almost a whole week to play with other things in-between, but of course, this has only worked so far because in one case, Jigwords was easy to make, and in the other case.. it's the same game twice!
If I attempt anything vaguely complex, it might not work out so well!!

I should probably stick to a Monday/Friday schedule, and give each game a little more time to get things done properly.


I tackled Clusters of Hex's gameplay yesterday.
I've made the "drop = more likely to connect" thing happen, and it's not "too" bad, as far as game-breaking goes.

I've also rejigged the actual connect code, so things should link up a little better than they were.
Unfortunately, because I now have half-a-game in development, I've made it tricky to upload this fix.


It'll be uploaded once Rumbled Ground appears.

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