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Late Night..
1st February 2021  
Yesterday's SmileBASIC game had a slight tweak..


I drew a pixelfont for the numbers.
I wanted the start of each "Wave" to have a little "Wave xx" swoopy thing, and the default font engine can't handle that without side-effects.

Either the Text Layer is locked to an 8x8 tile grid, in a single colour, or the drawable text relies on the background graphics layer, rather than working as sprites, in the foreground.
As such, I opted to draw a simple "Wave" image, and followed it up with some numbered sprites.

The effect works reasonably well, and can be seen ingame.

Job Done..!

Which brings us to last night..
At around about 2 in the morning, my head went "Hey, that worked out rather well. Why don't you convert all the Number functions in your SmileBASIC template to use a sprite-based font. The way, you can have neatly formatted numbers all over the game, and even use them to draw awarded scores and such, ingame."
My head was very waffly..

So I sat up, grabbed the Switch and the Keyboard, opened the template, drew a set of numbers and wrote a short little sprite function to draw the numbers onscreen.
A simple enough set of things to do, but one from which I ended up overhauling the "Top 10/Last 10" titlescreen functionality, as well as having to rejig things to work equally in both HiRes and LowRes modes.
It really did end up being a fairly complicated amount of things, but I was eventually done by about 4:30 in the morning, and could finally drift gently off to sleep..


I still need to particle-ise the new font routines so I can throw numbers around on the screen, and I could really do with making the font scale to a smaller size onscreen, too.
But that's for another day.
Today I need to finish off the rewrite of Rumbled Ground for Browsercade, and get that ready to go.

Busy busy busy!
.. I might go back to bed!!

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