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Rumbling On
2nd February 2021  
The Browsercade edition of Rumbled Ground "should" be out later today.


I spent most of yesterday getting the basic game up and running, but there's still a bunch of little bits to add.
Particles for gunshots, the game's icon, things like that.
It shouldn't take me too long to do, at all, and in fact I could probably have done it yesterday, if I wasn't so exhausted from my previous night's 4am code session!

I'll aim to get it done today, though, and if I do, it'll be available to play in a couple of hours or so.


One little thing I started to play with, yesterday, was the idea of speech in the Javascript engines.
I've tried it once before, but couldn't figure out how to get it working on iOS.
.. And this time, I still haven''t figured out how to get it working on iOS.

The test example doohickey is hiding away in the Shoebox.
Head to any game, and click the little flashing "Rules" icon, then let me know if you hear any speech!

If I can get that working universally*, I can use it for countdowns, in-between levels, and other such things.
Obviously it's not something I'd go crazy peppering all over the place, but as a simple little extra, it lets me occasionally pop it in where it feels right.

*or at least, where Shoebox and Browsercade currently run!

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