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An Idea, Fumbled
3rd February 2021  
Had a vague idea for a game, yesterday..


A Turtle, a checkerboard style gameplay area, and a star on the arena floor.
Your task.. Using Logo/Turtle commands, write a script, then hit the Run button and see if the Turtle can reach the star.

This seems like a vaguely decent idea, perhaps for the Shoebox.
A couple of issues, however, sent the idea spiralling out of control.

Issue One

Where the heck am I going to put all of that GUI?
It's hard enough trying to fit most games into a Shoebox screen, but for this one I'd need a keyboard, an editable script, and also the actual game view, too.
And it'd also need to be scalable to any given resolution/ratio combo!

Issue Two

The player could do something like "Repeat, Forward 100, Turn 179, Forever" which would end up causing the turtle to scan the entire room, cheating its way to the end.

I figured I'd have a limit of about 10 commands in the script, but even then I'd have to remove commands like Repeat, For, Loop and all of those kinds of things, leaving the bare minimum set of commands at the end.

Focus the player on just a few choice commands, and hope they can figure it out?


I tried and I failed to get this going, yesterday, but having slept on it, I think I'm actually liking the idea a little more. I'll probably attempt it once again, today, but no guarantees on the outcome.

Will this game show up, next week?
Who can say...

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