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5th February 2021  
Time to make a start on a new SmileBASIC game, but .. what to do?!


I'm in a bit of a puzzle mood, this week, so I think something with a level select and a set of puzzle mechanics is in order.
I'd love to attempt that Turtle game, but I've no real idea how to do that in a none-text'y way. I've tried my best to avoid too much text in the SmileBASIC games, due to most of the players (as far as Twitter is showing me!) being based in Japan.

Plus.. It's not very "Controller" based, is it..

Maybe I should flick through Foldapuz, and see if there are any basic puzzle concepts which might work?

Interestingly, last week's SmileBASIC game (Rumbled Ground) doesn't appear to have proven popular in the slightest, which is odd because I thought it was kinda fun.
Maybe people don't like the mild jump-scare, when the ground-creatures strike!?

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New games every week!
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