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Player Thoughts - Browsercade and Rumbled Ground
6th February 2021  
A couple of bits of feedback, today.


An App for That

Rocket Genius suggests...

you should try using cordova to port browsercade to mobile.

Yes, I should. And one of the reasons for switching to a MacBook after decades of Windows use, was indeed to investigate what the best option for doing that would be.
Last I tried, Cordova would oddly lower the resolution of the games, from Retina to badly scaled, and No-Retina-at-all.
I'm not sure why this is, but MacOS also seems to do that, too.
It's very odd.

There's a couple of other options to look into, too.
But, if I'm completely honest, the one thing that's putting me off doing it, is having to once again fart about with Apple/iTunes Connect, uploading, re-uploading every other week, and more.

That's the bit that's putting me off.
It's relatively easy to just upload files to the server, and all iOS/Android device (assuming they're half decent) can happily play the games as-is.
In fact, if you "Bookmark - Add to HomeScreen", it all pops up fullscreen and is a much better experience.
And, in double factness, the games will cache to your system, and can even be played while offline (though I haven't tested that recently.. .. it used to work!!!)

I would hope that, given all of that, you can happily play the games as-is, without needing to pay for an App-For-That.

.. But I'll continue to look into options, and let you know.

Rumbled Ground

Michael Fernie suggests...

Simple but very enjoyable game. It starts easy but gets much harder in the later waves where there are lots of worms. I like how the worms try to trick you by pausing and moving in odd patterns. Killed me so many times when they moved in a way that surprised me. Another nice addition to Browsercade!

It's a nice and basic little game. Perhaps a bit too "one shot" and lacking in depth, but it's a fun little experience.
I had a good game-dream, that night!!


Yesterday I got my Covid-19 vaccine (The AstraZeneca one), and.. boy has it drained me!
I feel my head in foggy-brain mode, with the usual flu-like symptoms making me feel more or less useless.
I'm not 100% sure if I can code anything, today. I'll try, but last night's attempt didn't go well at all.

I attempted to make a path generator with bombs around it, but after coding the path style, realised that I'd coded the bombs inside the path, not around the path.
I looked at the result and went "Yep, that vaccine's doing something!!"

I'll probably retry it today, but .. Bah, humbug!!
We'll see how it goes.

Stay safe, everyone.
*distant ascii hugs*

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