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11th February 2021  
Is the new game called "Leap .. something?" or "Something ... Leap?!"


Michael Fernie suggests

Interesting. A (bad) suggestions for the name:

Numeric Leap or Numeric Leaper

The game currently has two titles. "Goto" is the script's name, but on the menu, it's referred to as Leapdog.

I originally went in with "Leap" in mind, but it's sitting in the same menu with Leap Frog, and I thought that was a little silly. So I gave it a silly name, to suit it!
I'm not happy with that.
I kinda like "Goto", since this idea was spawned by that old Logo/Turtle idea from last week, but .. Goto isn't really a Turtle command, is it..?

"Hop" is probably better suited..
Hop Dog?
Why am I obsessed with dogs for this?!
It's a counter, not a dog!?

Maybe it should be a dog!?!
I don't know!!

Post your thoughts in the comments below (or yesterday's post, if you haven't a clue what I'm waffling on about!)

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