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2021 - Bonus Tracks
25th December 2021  
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Updated : 25th December 2021 - Terrible Gift

Extra Ditties for various reasons.

  Chilli Breeze
In February 2021, KORG added a new "Far North" collection of instruments to the Module Pro synth.
This track uses only instruments from that pack, alongside a few drums.

  Visualised Gate
In April 2018, I started a collection of AL'ified TV Themes. Unfortunately, I didn't get very far, so the ALBum was abandoned fairly early on.
This is pretty much the only highlight from that collection.

  Original Yolkington
Over on Twitter, Michaelplzno asked if I could do a choon for an Egg Game.
I made this.
I don't know if it's any good.

  Televised Learning

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If you grew up in the UK in the eighties, you should probably recognise this.

  My Mimo Moment
KORG released a new set of sounds for Module, themed around JPop instrumentation/sounds.
AL made this..

  Terrible Gift
I want something else.
Total 6 tracks
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