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22nd February 2021  
Finished off this week's SmileBASIC game, last night, so I'll get that all prepared..


Still have to draw a silly cover-art for the Asset Maker, then do the YouTube clip and all the uploading.
Should be available in about an hour or so.


Been thinking about possibilities for the script engine, and considered that having an art creator might be a useful thing. Something simple enough, that uses a strict palette, and generates little 32x32 sprites, resulting in small strings of data, much like the old Symbol command on the Amstrad CPC.
Hopefully, assuming I can get it to do that, I should be able to take the string of data, form it back into a pixelart sprite, and dump that onto a spritesheet without breaking everything.

... Right!?!

32x32 probably isn't ideal, but near enough everything in Browsercade so far has been 32x32, so I think it's probably enough..
... Maybe!!

I just have to keep reminding myself that I'm not making "Super Mega Game Factory" here, and am instead making a little scripting engine for mini-games and quick script testing.

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