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Lazy Day
23rd February 2021  
Today will be a lazy day.

... probably


Mum has a rather large abscess in her mouth, so rang the Dentist's yesterday and has an appointment for 9:25 this morning. Since I'm "chief wake-up officer" I had to wake up extra early* to ensure she was awake in time, and now my day's all kinds of wonky.

As such, I probably won't be in too much of a coding mood. I'm already starting to fall asleep again, and it's not even 9am yet!

But I won't complain. I'll take it easy, rest, relax, and enjoy the rest of my birthday.
.. Probably back in bed, by noon!

* My days usually start around 10am or so. I'm a late sleeper. But then I'm also usually awake until at least 2 in the morning coding, and was indeed awake until at least 2, this very morning, as I was working on the Space-Frogger game thing. Which, incidentally is coming along nicely.

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