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A Day of Disappointment
3rd March 2021  
Yesterday was "One of those days"..


Things I tried to do.
1. Work on the Script Engine
2. Work on the Video Generator
3. Work on some Music.

Things that went wrong.

1. Script Engine

My mind's not quite in the right place for figuring out the function-based gubbins yet, mostly because that also requires additional formulating.
Currently the script splits lines at ,'s, so for example SetColor(0,100,200); will strip to command and three values, which set the colour to a greenish blue colour.
But if I want to add a Rand(0,100) in there, then the command would be SetColor(Rand(0,100),100,200)..
Which would currently be read as setting the colour to be 0,100,100 with alpha 200.
.. And going "Why is there a random word in here" along the way.

I need to strip out bracketed areas, sub-functions, and the same goes for quote-mark sections, too.
"Hello, World" wouldn't want to get split up, for example.

Brackets are, of course, the first section of BODMAS, so.. Yeah, I guess that bit comes first for a reason!!

2. VideoGen

I keep wanting to add musical elements to the engine, so the video generator can act a bit more like a music visualiser, but would prefer not to have to upload an mp3 to the server in order to do that.
I keep trying to find ways to play music from the local file system, and have Javascript interact with it, but so far I've not quite figured it out.

Instead, I simply added a Snow effect..!
You can Play with that, here

3. ALChoon

Which took me on to trying to make a new ALChoon.
I attempted a few silly little melodies, but nothing seemed to flourish into a full choon.
Perhaps I'll revisit some of these in future, but for now, they all lie mostly abandoned..

After all that, a few bits were added to this week's SoCoder Newsletter, but nothing major.
I ended up, instead, playing a couple of hours of No Man's Sky. For those interested, I'm still 540 light years from the galactic core..
.. Crikey, that's a lot.
Though I haven't previously attempted to get any closer to it, and it's only been the past couple of weeks that I thought "I wonder what's actually there...?"

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