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Y3:W13 - Royal Rescue
11th January 2011  
Here we go, then!


Let's begin, shall we!
We start with Game #5 on the Amstrad CPC edition of Cassette 50.
The original game seemed almost playable, and if it weren't for the whole "Basic/Cassette 50/Bag-o-crap" issues, it might've been at least vaguely better.

It's a nice and simple game to start off our collection.
Simply guide the rocket to the royals, pick 'em up on the swingy bit, then fly them to safety.

You can Download Royal Rescue here for Windows, Linux and MacOSX


AGAW Scoring : 13 weeks, 10 games + advent + iPhings. We'll tot up later. Suffice to say, I maiked alots!

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New games every week!
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