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Y3:W15 - Inferno
  25th January, 2011
A nice slow paced shooter this week.
Poor old CPC Basic couldn't really handle bullet-hell type games.
Well, ok, maybe it could if you really really tried, and came up with a scrolling ascii grid of bullets, but for the most part it just wasn't happening.

Instead, Cassette 50 creators had to rely on other ideas. Like trying to kill you with your own desire to kill!!


In this game, you want to avoid the baddies, as per usual, but your bullets are really really limited. Instead of firing from the safety of a screen full of stars, you instead need to hover right up close to the bad guys!
Side by side, float nearby, then give them a zap on your annoyingly slow raygun!

Hit each guy twice to kill it.

Hit to you, or the ground, will result in a loss of lives, and you die after 5 hits.

A simple idea, but a good one, and now it's slightly more playable!

You can Download Inferno Here for Windows and Mac. Linux edition coming soon, once I've kicked Ubuntu a few times and it's decided to behave itself again.


AGAW Scoring : 15 weeks, 13 games + Advent + Spike Dislike iPhing + lack of sleep!

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