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Y3:W32 - Word Trundle
  24th May, 2011
Mark this down as a "Well, it DOES work, it's just not for me" kinda game.


Word Trundle does exactly what it says. A word game that kinda trundles along.

It's a random grid of letters, made up from the letters in a random word, and you have to find the word that's given.
It'll be in there, somewhere, you just have to find it!

I think this image oughta illustrate the point!

(Can you find it!?!)

But is it any good?
I dunno.. It might be.. depends on whether you like Word Searches!
I did at least try to Arcade it up a bit.

A one minute timer keeps things moving.
A slowly growing grid keeps things confusing.
And some occasional help keeps things slightly active.

You get points for any time remaining, and you can also get a bonus if you can find the word in a different position to the one it originally laid out. .. but it's pure luck if it's managed to make any duplicates, so try not to aim for that!

So, um.. Yeah.. it's a simple little game, with not much going for it, but it is kinda playable.

You can Download Word Trundle here for Windows and Mac, and .. again, I've still not had time for fixing my Linux installation, so that's still MIA. sorry Linux folkies!


AGAW Scoring : 32 weeks, 25 downloads, 49 games.
It's certainly not the awesome score it was a month or two ago, is it.
Dear me, AGAW's going a bit pisspoor lately.

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