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24th February 2024
I had a lovely birthday, yesterday.

Thanks for all who sent well wishes yesterday. I'm now strictly over the hill.
Perhaps I should have some sort of middle-age midlife crisis, and do something crazy like buy a bungalow, and switch to MacOS, full time.
.. Oh..


A whole box of 12 Krispy Kreme's were ordered, and arrived by about 9:30am.
Many Nom Nom's were nommed for breakfast, and my Uncle was due to arrive by about 12, so he could Nom Nom the Krispies, too.
Except he didn't.
He'd been overworking all week and was tired out by Friday, so decided to spend the day resting at home.
His loss. More donuts for us!
.. And between the two of us, we'd eaten the entire box by the time it was bedtime.


We also had all the steak between us, too.

Today, I'm going to be mostly in a sugar glazed fantasy land, trying to think straight, and see if I can get any of this fishing game into action.

.. Because between Scrabble and Tetris sessions, yesterday, as well as stuffing my face, I really didn't spend any time at all doing any coding.


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