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6th June 2011
The other day I played another of those Fire Escape style games.
You know the ones.
They started on the Game&Watch and got remade over and over.


You know what I don't like about those?
The first 17,000 escapees, all plod along at a slow bouncy rate, one at a time, slow as a slug, and offer next to no challenge at all.
Level 6!! Start on Level 6!!!!

This game's pretty much the same idea, but with 99% more laziness, and.. it moves quicker!!!
Sure, it's not a looker, but the balls fly thick and fast, and you'll probably find yourself dying after a minute or so, as opposed to a 17 hour session of Fire Escape.
... grrr.. old games had good ideas, but are SO SLOW!!!

You can Download Juggler here for Windows, Linux and MacOSX!


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