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Y4:W8 - Pancakes!
20th February 2012  
\o/yeay\o/ Pancakes!

This week, at the suggestion of @GlenMcNamee, I did a Pancake game.
At first, I struggled to come up with something, but then about halfway through the week, a stupid image of a happy smiling pancake with legs popped into my head and wouldn't shift..
Fair enough..
Did that!


It's another simplistic little Platform game. I do a lot of these, it seems! There are little jugs of syrup scattered throughout the level, and it's your job to run around and slurp them all up.
Health is collected as you do, and health is taken away if you hit a spiked thing.

Oh, and there's a timer, too.
You don't get an awful lot of time, so have a good run about, and grab what you can.

You can Download Pancake's Syrup here for Windows and Mac.
(.. and if you get the Mac one, let me know if it works!! ta!)

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New games every week!
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