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Y4:W10 - Mental Psychic Pulling Forces
5th March 2012  
Control the plates with your mind!

Guide the plates around the screen, smash up the collectables, and destroy the evil whatever-they-are's, in an attempt to collect as high a combo score as you can.
As you go, you'll get bombarded.

Those little whatever-they-are's are relentless!
Play this game with three fingers wrapped around the head of your mouse..

Your Mind to the Mouse's Mind..
The Mouse's Mind to your Mind..

Disclaimer : Although I had about 3 days to do this game, I actually only spend about an hour on the gameplay!
The rest of that time was spent twiddling about with the quirky control scheme.

I think it's at a good place, now. It wasn't for a LONG time, but it seems happy now.
The scheme has been tested on 4 systems, 1 Mac, 2 Win 7 and 1 Win 8. I can nearly almost control it well on all 4!
Hopefully you can, too.
Whinge if you can't!

You can Download Mental Psychic Pulling Forces here, for Windows and Mac. (I should really get Linux up and running again, some time!)

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