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Y2:W7 - Blockman Gets!!!
29th September 2009  
And so another week trundles by.
I had hoped to finish off the ever elusive games, this week, (the RPG and the Patent Wars), but that doesn't appear to be happening at all.
Oh well.
If they happen, they happen. If not, carry on.

Instead I started a whole new game on Friday morning.


This week's Wednesday Workshop (#220) asked us to write a Pacman game. Oooh!

Yes, I did recently make a Blockman=Pacman game, but that was a whole 29 games ago, and based on how much fun this is I don't think anyone's going to be complaining!

Rather than going the bog-standard method of "Eat pills, stay away from ghosts" I decided to do something a little different.

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First off, a very bizarre option. I removed the Ghosts! With no AI to speak of, the game became that much less interesting, so I had to think outside the box to get things better.

Instead of the chase, I added a target. Eat X many dots to beat each level. Then to make it trickier I removed the ability to hop between dots. If you miss a dot, the level ends.. And if you've not eaten enough, you lose a life.

Simple in theory, simple to code, and kick-ass to play!

You can Download Blockman Gets here and enjoy it for a while!

Includes Online Highscores AND the Badges are back!!! (And this time, some of them will DO something.. Ooooh!)

AGAW Scoring Ratio Thingumy : 7 weeks:7 games. Last week's posting of 2 games brought us right back up to speed. I think the "Fantastic" ratio is now 7 weeks:3 games, if you count this, Tetripong and Painter. Which I do! And, I'd probably count Y-Box, too, if I knew that everyone else didn't hate it!

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