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3rd September 2013
Just because I'm taking September off from my regular AGameAWeek schedule, doesn't mean there won't be fun times ahead! I've decided to keep you entertained with a few oddities that have collected on my hard drive for the past decade or so, but have mostly been unpublished due to being "a bit shit", or me having lost their sourcecode.

These are games that I've always considered to be part of my archive, but for various reasons I've never actually bothered to add to the thing.
Games that I occasionally think "Oh yeah, I made that AGES ago", then check my archive and find it isn't in there, and instead have to go digging around my old server material trying to track it down.

First on the JuNKPile is Topplers.
A few weeks ago, @Sobtanian suggested I make a version of the Amiga classic PushOver, to which I replied "Been there, done that" and .. well, that wasn't there!


For what it's worth, this could've been great.
As it stands, it's broken, and abandoned.

Development wise, this is probably a day one release, as it's pretty rough around the edges.
The GUI is terrible.. There's a tiny, almost unnoticable "Test Level" button on the bottom left.. To start a level, select from the menu, then tap Test.

Once you're in a level, shuffle the dominos about, then hit the "Push Bricks" icon (again, hidden away in the bottom left!!?) or hit 2 on the keyboard, and topple a brick.

This game's source was lost during the great Hard Drive Crash of 2005, where I lost the sourcecode to about 10 different projects, and didn't have the heart to redo them all.
Backups, people!!!

You can Download Topplers (Trial) here for Windows, but don't be expecting it to get any better than that. It's a lost cause.

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