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JuNKPile - 3D Starfighter
  10th September, 2013
I'm taking a slight break from my usual AGameAWeek schedule.
Over the course of September, I'll be spending extra time building up a super awesome edition of BlastTrax, whilst also taking the time to enjoy GTAV properly!
Hurray for games!

Meanwhile, I'm digging through my archive of old forgotten gems, and plucking out anything that isn't yet part of my Archive for reasons of terribleness, or general forgetfulness!


For a game that's unfinished, I sure did take spend a lot of time and effort working on this one.
This is a game from the days when I used to struggle to use a 3D Package to try to make "good" looking games.
The results definitely haven't aged all that well!

In fact, if you compare my parts of the titlescreen with those of the original, you'll see which ones have managed to hold up better!

Back in the day, RetroRemakes used to do frequent competitions, and in 2003 I decided to give things a whirl.
I set about remaking the Codemasters Classic 3D Starfighter, and rebuilt a bunch of sprites and graphics using TrueSpace, which is a lovely old 3D program that used to be quite good, but wasn't anywhere near as useful the last time I tried to use it. Not sure what went wrong with it. Perhaps I oughta give it another go, some time?

Anyhoo, I re-rendered a bunch of sprites, and cobbled together a nice little remake, and then, just to be sure I was actually allowed to do it, I sent off the prototype to Codemasters.
The answer was as expected.
Codemasters didn't like me taking their decades-old unused IP, and told me to cease and desist.
So, I did, and it's been sat on my Hard Drive doing bugger all ever since.

Well, bugger it, it's time for my 3D Starfighter "Legality Check" to finally see the light of day more than 10 years later.
The "game" doesn't have any sort of point. The enemies won't kill you, you won't die, but you can at least shoot them.
That's as far as I've got.
I stopped coding, and haven't touched it again, since.

You can Download 3D Starfighter "Legality Check" here for Windows. It's over a decade old!!!

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