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NeonPlat Extreme : Further Testing Required...
  26th November, 2013
Today was supposed to be the great big release day, but annoyingly, one or two annoying issues have annoyingly cropped up.

First and foremost.. and quite bizarrely.. My Monkey games no longer appear to be working with Gamepads!!
At first I thought I'd retweaked NeonPlat until my code no longer worked, but upon searching through my archive, it appears that they're all equally as broken.
Either it's my Laptop that's freaking out, or it's my X360 pad, or.. .. More than likely.. Something's screwed up during a Windows update..-=-=-


Secondly, something is DRASTICALLY causing slowdown in the HTML5 edition, and I'm struggling to track down exactly what that is.
I'll keep poking about, and see if I can find the culprit.

In the meantime, however, here is the first "true" release of NeonPlat Extreme.
A lovely Windows exe which plays exactly as it oughta, with 6 gamemodes and 40-odd badges and other things.

There's still tweaking to be done before the absolute final edition, which should appear within the next week or so, but for now, all is good!.. mostly!

You can Download NeonPlat Extreme Here for Windows. More will come once everything's working properly!!

Do let me know if controllers work on your system!!!

Oh, and use the keyboard/gamepad to navigate the menu system.. Things get complicated when there's a mouse-driven player!!

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