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Y6:W4 - Platdude in The Endless Forest
27th January 2014  
In the first of a (hopefully) full year of monthly Platdude related releases, Platdude gets to wander through a giant forest, battling enemy creatures, and avoiding deadly spikes!


In this short adventure, Platdude runs along through the forest, and things appear ahead of him.
In many ways, this game plays like the classic 8-bit Wonderboy game that I played as a kid. Youtube footage here! (Dang, that game was slow!!!)
I've basically redone a simplified, stripped down edition of the gameplay and it's actually turned out quite nicely.

Controls are simple. Right to run, Up to jump, Z to throw a ball.
Collect extra balls and health along the way, and you know what to do with Spikes.. (Dislike!!)

You can Download Platdude in The Endless Forest here for Windows, Android and HTML5. You can also grab it on OUYA! Woot!


2014 - The Year of Platdude

Over the coming months, I'm hoping to release one new game featuring Platdude, every single month.
I'm not sure how far I'll manage to get with this task, and will probably have run out of good ideas by about March, but I figured it'd give me something extra to play around with as I make my way through Year 6 of this crazy AGameAWeek adventure!
Wish me luck!!

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New games every week!
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