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Y6:W8 - Platdude in A Bit of A Do!
  25th February, 2014
The year of Platdude continues, as we head into Platdude's garden to collect all the lovely fruit that's been growing, in this heavily AGameAWeek-ified remake of the classic Mr Do!


Platdude starts in the middle of his garden. (Or at least, I think it's his garden, but over the course of the game there are many different gardens, so perhaps he's simply running through all the town's gardens, stealing fruit..)
The objective is simple. Gather up all the fruit, and head into the house.
As you play, bats will fly out of the house, and try to chase you around the garden. If you're scared, you can pick up the blue ball, and throw it at the bats.

.. In all, it's a pretty simplistic remake of Mr Do, and it's not entirely complete, but it's a nice and simple little plaything and should keep you occupied for a while.

You can Download Platdude in "A Bit of a Do!" here, for Windows, or play it on OUYA, or even in your browser!



I really should've gotten the Android stuff sorted by now, but it seems that every time I fix it on one device, it breaks on the others. Bloody Android Fragmentation! GAH!! Once I get things stabilised, I'll post the Android edition. Sorry!!!
Note to all Android developers : NEVER format Your HardDrive!!!!

Retro vs Modern Controls

This game has undergone some pretty major tweaks over the course of the past few days, mostly down to the control scheme. Originally created with a classic grid-based movement style, the controls felt flat and uninteresting when played on either a modern analogue controller, or a touchscreen. As such, I spent a couple of days rejigging the entire game to work with more analogue controls and for the most part it seems to have worked. It's not quite perfect, though. The game works well, but the gridded world, vs the analogue controls, makes for a strange mismatch of clashing elements. I may rejig this game at a future point in time.
Watch this space..!

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