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Y6:W10 - Disc Blaster (aka Microb3s)
  10th March, 2014
This time last year, I reattempted the game Microbes, but it didn't really work out as well as I'd hoped for. This year, I opted to give it another go, and have mixed in oodles of lovely glowyness! Seems to have done the trick!


"Once more with extra glow!"

You've played this game before, and should be ready and raring to go!
Simply swirl around the circle, blasting away all the Microbes that appear in the playfield.
This time, I've split the game into short "waves", which pop into play as you defeat each round.
There's also only a single powerup in the game, which gives you a short burst of super-shot. I might head back in later to add more, but I think for now, it's more than enough.

If you'd like to suggest other future enhancements, be sure to post them in the comments. I do enjoy this game, and I'd love for it to be a little bigger, but I only just started it on Friday night so it's been a tad rushed


You can Download Disc Blaster here for Windows, Android, OUYA or HTML5. An iOS release has been submitted to Apple, but it'll be another week or so before that shows up :


Android Issues

As the framework grows, I'm finding myself fiddling about with effects and lovely swirly swooshy effects.
Unfortunately, they're not always functional, and in the case of Android, they're fundamentally knackered to start with.
This game relies heavily on lovely glowing bullets, and on Android we have a host of slow-down issues preventing me from creating the effects as well as I'd hoped to.
Well, I say that, but in actuality there's something more sinister going on..
See, if I compile this game straight for Android, and run it on my Nexus 7, with glowy effects in place, I get about 10fps when things start hotting up.
This is an issue, so the finished Android and OUYA releases have quite a lot of the loveliness stripped out.
They're still nice, they're just annoyingly not as nice as they could've been, and that's a shame.

Over the coming weeks/months I hope to be able to figure out a nice replacement for basic Additive Blend, as well as a way to get a lovely background blur effect without relying on the simplicity of things an Amstrad could manage to achieve.. Bloody Android Fragmentation! grrr!!

Unscheduled AGameAWeek!?

I usually post AGameAWeek on Tuesdays, but lately things are getting a little staggered. The OUYA version is being submitted over the weekend, so that it's ready for Tuesday morning.. Assuming it's approved, it appears on the OUYA store at some point late on a Monday night. Similarly, since I've got the OUYA version finished uploaded, (as well as having all the screenshots and things handy) I've actually been doing slightly early releases over on GameJolt. If you've been following me there, you'll notice that AGameAWeek games have been generally showing up at some point over the weekend. Usually the same time I've uploaded the version to OUYA.

Anyway, all the pieces seemed to be in place, tonight, and since I'm wide awake I figured I might as well post a little earlier.
This might become a regular thing, but if I'm honest, the Tuesday Morning thing actually tends to work out a little better for me. But, hey, I'm awake! Why not!!

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