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Y6:W11 - Every Good Bird Deserves Flappyness
  17th March, 2014
I usually try my best to come up with unique or interesting takes on existing games. Taking things in new directions, like Blockman which definitely isn't Pacman, or TetriPong which clumped together two completely different games.
Occasionally, though, it's nice to sit back, relax, and make a crazy lazy clone of something, just like everyone else.


It took me a long time to settle on an idea for my inevitable Flappy Bird Clone, and in the end it actually came about because I wanted to recreate an entirely different game.
I tried to come up with a new concept for it, and as I struggled with the numerous possibilities, my mind leaped back to the world of Flappy Bird, and the two ideas seemed to fit quite well together.

You can Download Every Good Bird Deserves Flappyness here for Windows, OUYA, Android or play it in your Browser with HTML5.

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