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Y6:W12 - Platdude in The Spirit Collector
25th March 2014  
This week sees our intrepid hero running around a house, capturing ghosts.
In many ways, this is a bit of a departure from the intended game....


Last week I figured it might be a nice idea to resurrect the classic "Monsters Upside Your Head", aka "Ace Paceman", so I started off by making a nice simple platform engine which coped with both ladders and stairs.
Figuring ghosts would make a nice change from the usual Monsters, I then decided that ghost-traps would be a decent change in weapon from "dig inexplicably large hole in the floor", and would probably make slightly more sense.. Given that ghosts tend to float, they wouldn't really fall into a hole!!

The game evolved and changed over the course of the week. The amount of tweaking I've done to turn this into a playable game is, quite frankly, staggering!
I think it finally settled into a groove, at some point yesterday, and is now a somewhat mostly playable game.

Currently the Windows, HTML5 and OUYA versions are available, and the Android one should appear shortly, once I can get the touchscreen controls to feel "just right".
Stupid game!! Grr...

You can Download The Spirit Collector here for Windows, OUYA, or play it in your browser, in HTML5.

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