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Y6:W22 - Alien Spindome
3rd June 2014  
Occasionally, I base games upon crazy bits of coding that seem fun to play with. Sometimes games can form from odd little artistic doodles that look strange and unusual. Other times, I'll start with a sound effect, or a piece of music, and allow it to fester away until a game has emerged.

This week is different..
This week, the game's idea came solely from the stupid mock game title that randomly popped into my head.



Battle against hordes of evil alien spider things, and fight your way past the rocks in this lovely arcade style platform shooter.

This week's game contains a quicky control scheme, so listen up!
Cursors do the movement, left and right, and up to jump.
Z is the "Run and shoot" button. Hold Z to keep firing in the direction your gun is currently pointed, which using movement keys to run around.
X is the "Stand and shoot" button. Hold X to stand still, and use the cursors to fire in different directions.

(You can also use WASD, J/K as an alternative control scheme)

If you plug a gamepad in, you can also use Right Thumbstick to control the weapon, for super-awesome-twinstick action.

Run around, light up 50% of the floors, destroy all the alien nests, and hit the spin button.. Can't get any easier than that!

You can Download Alien Spindome here for Windows, or play it in your browser. The OUYA edition is still waiting for review, but if you'd like to play it before it pops up officially, you can grab the .apk from there, too.

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New games every week!
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