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Y6:W24 - Platdude in Battling Ostriches
23rd June 2014  
This week, I got a new phone, and so game-dev took a bit of a back seat. As a result, this game isn't quite as good as it could've been, since it's missing a fairly significant part.


I was intending to get a two player mode in, and if I'm honest, it's so very nearly there, but at the last minute I noticed I'd used the wrong controller code, and everything was stuck to being single player specific.
If you'd like me to integrate a proper 2 player battle/co-op mode, whinge in the comments, and I'll take my time to rejig the controller code for it.

Otherwise the game's nice and smooth, and features you against a bunch of other flapping birds, trying to kill off as many of the enemy Platizens that you can.
It's a game of flapping, battling and more flapping, and is pretty much a straight forward Joust rip-off!!

You can Download Platdude in Battling Ostriches here for Windows, OUYA, or play it in your browser in HTML5.

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New games every week!
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