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3rd April 2008
Puzzobomb, a mix of Puzznic and Bombs.. (For Jericho!)

Starting with the Wednesday Workshop base from the other day, I decided that yes, I would build it up a bit.
So, I opened up the Amstrad CPC game "Puzznix" which, since I was a kid, I'd always assumed to be "the original game".. Turns out it wasn't...-=-=-

I opened up the files that Puzznix had, and they were amazingly already compatible with the game! I mean, they went straight in without any hassle what-so-ever.
Fraggle, the original author of Puzznix had used near enough the same numbering scheme that I had. So a quick "change 11's to 0's" in the loader, and they were hopping their way into the game. Sorted!
The game expanded from being "Puzznix with bombs" to being "Puzznix with bombs, and 72 original levels"

Then I found out about Puzznic. It seems that Fraggle had copied the idea from Taito's original game. So off I went hunting for a nice version of Puzznic.
I found a clone of Puzznic called Brix, for dos.
Originally coded by Michael Riedel, Brix supplied a whole extra bunch of levels, along with an annoying small elevator brick, which required me to completely rewrite the game's block movement engine.
No matter..
And now they're in, too.
The, now much bigger, game includes 72 of Fraggle's Puzznix levels, 112 of Michael Riedel's Brix levels, and a pitiful 18 of my own.
You can download Puzzobomb here.
More to come.
And maybe a DS version, too..

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