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  20th May, 2010
Blimey, that didn't take too long.

Well, it DID, but it took significantly less time than I thought it would.

iPhing "View Based" Jumpstart

A series of tutorials that will allow old-style coders to quickly grasp the bits and pieces they need, to develop games for iPod/iPhone/iPad (iPhings)

Part One : Tilemap
Part Two : Touching
I've written this in near-realtime, so where I look like I'm freaking out about the language, I am actually freaking out about the language.
Feel free to nitpick all the many faults that probably appear within this week's little adventure!! Together, we can make my phings better!


I'm going to assume you know the first thing about programming. If you don't, probably a good idea to learn that first! Otherwise, my "Jumpstart" tutorials are meant to let you take a leap from your usual language, to something that doesn't quite conform to the rules that you're used to.

I'm a "Basic" guy, and it probably shows in almost all of my work. As such, regular iPhing developers might look at my code and run away scared.
Don't be scared, it's only an array!!! At least there's no Goto! Yet!!

Part one focuses on building a simple onscreen grid that flickers.
It's not a lot, but if you're building a game that'll use a tilemap, it's pretty much step one!

You can read the html file here (since Wordpress apparently doesn't like it!) and then download the mass of gubbins here for a good nosey.

Hopefully that helps a couple of folk.

Next step, getting stuff on top of it all, and making it tappable.

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