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Y3:W3 - GeeBee Hop!
1st November 2010  
Keeping with the classic retro theme, here's a nice and simple little 15-screen jumping platform game!


The game is simple.

A batch of platforms, a little character, a gem, a door..
You know the drill!

You start with 20 lives, and as per usual, you lose them when you die.
The one tweak here, though, is that the game doesn't actually end once you lose all your lives.
In order for the game to end, and earn you a score on the scoreboard, you must complete all 15 screens of hopping.
If your lives drop below 0, you're penalised every time you die.
You also earn/lose bonus points, per level, depending on how many lives you have remaining.

Begin your hopping adventure by Downloading GeeBee Hop Here, for Windows, Linux or MacOSX.

(Sorry about the lack of levels. Levs.png is in the Files/264 folder. Add!)


AGAW Scoring : 3 weeks, 3 games! Yeay!

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