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  12th June, 2015
You all know the drill!

Created 12th June, 2015 Language Monkey-X

The Spikes are back, and this time there's an all new Challenge mode!
Each "level" has a specific goal, and there are oodles of levels to play through.
Every 10 level is, of course, a classic Endless mode.
Jump your way through, and score what you can in this, the biggest SpikeDislike ever!
Hold to Move!

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Bonus Downloads
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A large 512x512 pixel version of the game's icon.
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Steam Icon
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Extra Links
Blog Post
Read about the original launch of this game, in an accompanying blog post.
Watch the trailer on YouTube.
Otakupunk's LetsPlay of the game.
Otakupunk's LetsPlay of the game.
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