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Popomatic Shading
  21st July, 2019

Alan suggests

The fact that the die is white at the beginning of your turn, and also white after you roll makes it unclear at a glance whether the die's current value is your actual move. Not sure what the solution is. Maybe dimming the die or displaying question marks on its faces in pre-roll mode, and the normal white with pips in post-roll mode?

A valid point.
The "Popomatic" function has a "Locked/Unlocked" value, so I can use that to decide when to draw v1 or v2.
I'll have a play, tomorrow, to decide on how best to show it.
Shading isn't easy, since Javascript (as of typing) can be slow at recolouring sprites, depending on the browser.
I'll have to have a good think about that.

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