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Snakes in a Shoebox
  30th March, 2019
Added game "Snakes and Ladders"

Seems playable!!

You can Play Shoebox of Games here, and you'll find Snakes and Ladders in the new "Board Games" section! Oooooh!!


The game mostly works, but is currently extremely basic in its functionality. Although, really, it's Snakes and Ladders.. What more do you want!?!
Well, what you probably want is..

1. The player counters to slide up and down the ladders and snakes, rather than just jumping to the other side.

2. A multiplayer option.

These will come.
The sliding will depend on me figuring out a nice way to slide across the path of a snake. If I wimp out, the slide will instead be a linear slide from square A to square B!!

The multiplayer option will be local, just like the Four in-a Row game is, but on this occasion it requires an extra menu of sorts to let you select up to 4 players, and whether AL's playing or not.
Once I've designed this particular menu, I'll be able to reuse it in future multiplayer scenarios.

But, for now, the important pieces to look out for are..

1. That the Tilemap even loads correctly!!
2. That the "Dice Roller" isn't too twitchy.
3. That the gameplay feels OK, and doesn't get too "hands off" in its jumping about.

So far, most stuff seems to feel about right, but let me know what you think.

You can Play Shoebox of Games here. Snakes and Ladders is in the new Board Games area.

Note : The score in the screenshot is because, during testing, I had to keep loading and quitting and resetting the game, over and over! I am NOT so unlucky that I lost 14 games in a row!!

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