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  30th March, 2019


I was very lucky that in my first game I did not get into any snake tiles and got the help of one ladder tile to reach near the end zone much before the AI.

Yup, this is a game 100% down to luck.
I'd like to perhaps remove the sheer-luck, by making the moves maybe Card based, or something? Not quite sure how well that would work, and it honestly wouldn't be "Snakes and Ladders" anymore.
So.. Perhaps another type of board game in the future?

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Player Thoughts , Shoebox
  15th November, 2007
Having started and given up on a fair few projects over the past couple of weeks, I've decided to go back to basics. It's time to bring return to the 8-bit Tiny collection, and get things started once and for all.

So today I got working on a base program that can use a series of includes to incorporate a bunch of games. I've designed a neat collection of generic looking graphics, and started listing games that may or may not be included. I'll try to make all the games as Repeat-Play-able as I can, but obviously some games will need to use preset levels and things, so that might be something to avoid for the meantime.

If all goes well it should be quite a little collection once its all finished. (if it ever IS finished!) I'm going to challenge myself to produce at least two games a week, and hopefully I can work quick enough to do more. I've recently enjoyed doing some super-fast coding, getting as much done in a couple of hours as I can, so I might even attempt to do some small games in that space of time, too.

I'll be releasing occasional versions of the game, as the amount included builds up. Depending on how the menu ends up looking I'd expect each release to include about 5 new games, so the first one should be up and running within the next couple of weeks.
In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions for games they'd like to see/play on the DS (albeit in a tiny form) list them below.

My only worry, right now, is how to make use of the second screen.....

(If you'd like to see a list of possible games, you'll find it here.)
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Daily Blog
  2nd July, 2019
I've dumped a bunch of videos on YouTube for the PetitSwitch games.
I've set up a Petit Switch playlist, and am going to attempt to keep to that with future releases.
But what of everything else?

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Daily Blog , Videos
  12th May, 2019
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  3rd August, 2019
v1.034 - Added the classic game of strategy, Checkers

It's Checkers!
It's not a hard game, and AL's a bit daft (as per usual) but it's Checkers!
Jump over your opponent's pieces, diagonally, until there's nothing left but your own.

You can Play Checkers in the One on One area of the Shoebox

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Shoebox , Release
  8th May, 2019
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  7th August, 2011
Sheep Goes Left, lovingly recreated as Nintendo DS homebrew.
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Beta , Incomplete
  15th April, 2017
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  12th August, 2008
Grab the coins, and avoid the monsters
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Theft , Platform
  28th July, 2019
I'm currently about 98.36% happy with Blockman, but one little niggling issue is happening on iOS.
For some reason, it's occasionally slowing down to about 25fps, instead of sticking at 30.
I'm fairly sure this is to do with my dodgy framerate code, again, so will be holding off a final post until tomorrow.

For now, though, if you'd like to give Blockman a whirl, head on over to Browsercade.com and .. Play the Game!!!

Any issues, any at all, please do let me know.

Full release in the morning, some time.
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  27th May, 2019
Really getting somewhere with JMTrackr for Petit Switch, now!

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Petit Computer , Smilebasic , Nintendo , Switch , Petit Switch , Petitcom4 , Jmtrackr
  19th July, 2019
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  17th January, 2019
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Game , Wildlife
  6th September, 2008
A game a week's going to be hard to keep going, so I'd like to have a nice bag of thoughts that I can pop into every now and then when the ideas start dropping off.

If you've a crazy zany game idea, now's your time to get it, if not made, then at least considered

Do keep in mind that "a game a week" pretty much reduces the complexity I can add to these things, so I'll be trying my best to simplify (See Platdude's Retro Collection!) any suggestions that come my way!

Ideas can be DS, or Windows orientated, so get going with your best! (/worst!)
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Daily Blog
  6th August, 2019
A simple "Guess the Word" game.
Can you find a word, or multiple words, which fit within the space provided?
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Foldapuz , Words
  24th November, 2007

Platdude's Retro Collection was first released in November 2007. Each new release will contain a handful of new games.
How many will there be in the end? Who can say!

The latest release, Download Here, contains 18 games from the list below.

Note : If you'd like to play, but don't own a DS, you can use No$GBA to play the game.


Blast away all the approaching Centipede bits. Every piece that escapes from play removes 25 of your hard earned points.
Rated 4/5


Guide the Snake towards the numbered blocks. Pick up the number of points displayed on the Block. If it reaches 0, the block becomes a solid brick. Try not to crash.
Rated 3/5


Destroy all the Alien Invaders before they reach the bottom of the screen. No bases to hide with and plenty of enemy gunfire makes this a super-rapid version of Invaders. A fan favourite.
Rating 5/5

Light Cycles

Guide your way away from the enemy lines in a rather basic remake of the classic Tron game.
Rating 3/5


Shoot all the floating Asteroids for whatever reason there ever was for doing it in any other version of the game! Asteroids is fun!
Rating 4/5


This game sucks, and has since been hidden away like some kind of rubbish Easter Egg..
Rating 1/5


Grab the blue square and keep it away from the red ones. Pick up Green ones for extra points.
Rating 4/5 : Windows version by Magicman

Missile Command

Destroy the approaching missiles, before they destroy your bases! Every missile that hits the land takes away a point!.. The Green ones are worth extra.
Rating 4/5

Dot Pop

With 30 seconds on the clock, hit as many squares as you can.
Will probably be renamed by the time you play it! Then again, maybe not!
Rating 4/5


With two full screens of pills to empty, and eight ghosts running around, you'd better get moving. (Strangely, it's not as much fun as it oughta be..)
Rating 3/5


No river, just 2 huge busy roads to pass. The top lot move faster, so you're gonna have to be quick to score any points. Get to the top and start again, but with more cars.
Rating 5/5


Just you, a CPU, and a ball too. And another ball if you play on High.. .. And 3 on Extreme.
Rating 3/5


Much requested, and so eventually added. This game tries to be a Good Tetris game, and hopefully you'll enjoy it. I might add Bombliss later, since I really love that game, too!
Rating 4/5

Buzzard Bait!

Flap about and kill the other jousters. Collect their eggs before the re-hatch!
Rating 3/5

Lights Out

Tap the grid to invert a + of lights. Switch them all off to advance to the next level.
Rating 4/5

5 in a Line

Shuffle the grid around to match up 5 tiles of the same color in a single line. Do it quick, because you only get a minute to clear as many as you can.
Rating 3/5

Tune Tap

A tune is played, then you must repeat it. It's like a really cheap version of Parappa!
Rating 4/5


Hop around the blocks, color them all in, and avoid the flashing balls of death.
Rating 4/5

Dodge Spikes

Move left and right, avoid all the spikes, and collect as many coins as you can.
Rating 3/5
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Daily Blog
  2nd June, 2019

The default pixel-sprite editor for PetitSwitch
Scroll around the left-side (full spritesheet) with the left thumbstick, draw in the right hand "zoomed" view (you can zoom in further) with touchscreen or mouse.
Controls for colours, but the palette doesn't save. .. Booo!
Plenty of twiddly knobs and buttons, barely any of which I have the faintest idea what they're doing.
A to plot, B to pick colour.. .. Except..
The dpad doesn't move the cursor.. In fact, NOTHING moves the cursor.
Instead, you're stick with Mouse Control to do everything.
Not even copy+paste!?!

Drawing outside of the boundary of the zoomed in region (eg, mis-clicking the dodgy palette boxes) will randomly splodge a pixel in any area outside of that region.
You have limited zoom options, but at no point can you zoom directly into a single sprite.. It's always slightly too large, or slightly too small, and 1 single sprite never quite fits into the editor's viewport.
Scrolling also occurs based on the size of that viewport, so trying to edit one sprite, then move to the next, is damn near impossible.
Also, seriously, no thick gridlines at 16 to help guide you to drawing within the sprite limits!?!

Really, all kinds of messy, and ..

Not gonna be happy using that.

So, um.. You can probably guess what I spent most of today doing.

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Petit Computer , Smilebasic , Nintendo , Switch , Petit Switch , Petitcom4
  5th July, 2019
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  2nd December, 2008
Another week working on Alien Deathmatch means another week that I've not done AGameAWeek, so it's back into the big bag of failures to see if we can dig anything new out.


But, the lack of anything new, and finished, doesn't always mean nothing on this Blog.. Let's bring back the old "Experimental" tag from way back when, and show off a few random bits of unfinished garbage.
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