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25th September 2022  
Seems my head's in a bit of a SpikeDislike sort of mood, this weekend.

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#2337 - 25th September 2022  
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#2812 - 25th September 2022  
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24th September 2022  
Time to switch up my art tool on MacOS.
As much as I've enjoyed using Pixelmator Pro, it's becoming more and more a Photo tool, and no longer suitable for pixelart and sprites.

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23rd September 2022  
Right, today I need to buckle down and figure out how Popcorn Bucket is going to play.

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Daily Blog , Panic
22nd September 2022  
The Pincer has been locked away in a dungeon, where evil knights keep using it for sword practice.
Help the Pincer to find the key, hidden somewhere in the dungeon, to escape its imprisonment.
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Maze , Platform , Key
22nd September 2022  
The Dungeon Pincer has been locked in the dungeon. Help it find the keys it needs to escape!
You can Play this game in JSE.

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Jse , Release
22nd September 2022  
Can you guess which of yesterday's checklist items didn't get done?
I'll give you a clue. I finished off the ALChoon and the Newsletter..

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21st September 2022  
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21st September 2022  
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21st September 2022  
I didn't release a game, last week, and we're already halfway through this week.
What's going on, Jay!?!

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20th September 2022  
After the chaos of the past week, today should hopefully be a little more normal.

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19th September 2022  
The "Dungeon Something" game still hasn't got a name, nor has the crab creature. If you've any suggestions, leave 'em in the comments!

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18th September 2022  
Can't seem to focus on my game-dev this week. I spent most of yesterday tweaking that ALChoon from the day before.

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