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Nothing Found :(
  13th December, 2018
Yesterday's new Foldapuz addition went alarmingly smoothly.
.. I should've known that wasn't a good sign.

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  3rd December, 2018

Otakupunk's sent a lovely set of Xmas Themed levels for JNKPlat.
Be sure to give them a whirl!

You can grab JNKPlat 2018 here
You might also like to grab the complete level file from the Level Database, too. Simply pop it in the same folder as the exe, or if you're playing on 3DS, dump it into the agawsave folder.
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Daily Blog
  4th September, 2018
The Quantum-Locked crates still need shuffled around the map.
Put on your safety hat, and get back to work.
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  12th December, 2018
I spent about 80% of yesterday choosing a font!

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Daily Blog
  10th October, 2018
The triangles weren't too hard to get up and running yesterday, so I also took time to make a completely random letter grid.

The letter grid doesn't really have any specific solution due to it being entirely random, but you're supposed to play it like you would a game of Boggle.. Trying to find words with letters that join up.

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  11th December, 2018
I spent near enough all day, yesterday, fighting the fight with Emscripten.

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Daily Blog
  24th January, 2012
Guide Key Bo and Ard towards their homes.
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Puzzle , Maze
  10th December, 2018
I spent most of yesterday struggling to get the Pixelart2STL tool to have a lovely 3D WebGL representation of the model, so that I can then upgrade the tool to allow for monochrome extruded models like the original .exe does.

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Daily Blog
  12th March, 2016


This is a list of the tools that I use when creating AGameAWeek.
Tool list last update : March 12th 2016
(If this is terribly outdated, let me know!!)


Currently I do all my coding using the Monkey-X language, from Blitz Research.
The language is one that I'm incredibly familiar with, since I've tended to stick to the Blitz range of languages for well over a decade. Blitz2D, Blitz3D and BlitzMax have accompanied me through the years, and I'm happy to continue using Monkey-X, the latest in the range.
Monkey-X allows me to write-once, and target lots of current-gen devices, from Android to iOS, as well as desktops. It can even compile to HTML5, so is really handy for rapid development, and testing all kinds of things.
The language isn't foolproof, though. Generating art and other such file-access based things can be tricky, so I also have Blitz3D and BlitzMax both installed on my system for doing the odd "quick tool" development.

Over the years, I've dipped my toes into many other languages. I've created iOS games with Cocos2D, made J2ME games in MidletPascal and Nintendo DS Homebrew using PALib. These languages are all fine and dandy, but nowadays Monkey lets me write-once, and I've gotten very lazy letting it do that! Having to write a game specifically for one device seems a bit of a waste.

I've also attempted several test things in "Pro" languages like XNA and Unity, but in most of those cases I found the "professional" level of doing things tended to take far too long. Adding assets were a 10-step process, and when you're trying to do things at the rate of AGameAWeek, even a ten step job can feel like too much work!
Blitz/Monkey lets me stick a file in a folder and then immediately use it, rather than having to import it, assign it attributes, and all the other things that "pro" tools tend to make me have to do before I can get a sprite on the screen.

In addition to using the Blitz/Monkey languages, I always install Programmers Notepad 2 which I find handy for all manner of hacking and scripting. I also tend to write my websites using this, so if anything seems somewhat hobbled together, it's usually because I've handcoded the whole lot from scratch!!


My current art kit consists of three main programs.
On the iPad, I use the app Sprite Something. It took me a while to get used to the way it works, but I'm now well and truly comfortable with the way it works.
Over the past couple of years, Sprite Something has been the main tool I use to draw my art, be it game logos, sprites, backgrounds, or even my daily platdude pixelarts.

On the PC I tend to use Paintshop Pro X7, which I usually use to organise the sprites I've drawn using Sprite Something, or to enlarge logos and add effects and the like.

Once the sprites are organised onto Spritesheets, I then use my own slicer tool (written in BlitzMax) to take the sprites, remove any Magenta to make them transparent, and rescale them to more usable spritesheet sizes.


Sound effects are cobbled together from all kinds of places, but recently I find myself using bfxr for most things.
I then tend to use CoolEdit Pro to tweak the sounds to exactly how I want them.
Occasionally I'll use FLStudio to generate more specific sounds and jingles, but for the majority of tasks, bfxr's perfectly fine.


I used to use FLStudio to do a lot of my music, but then in Jan 2014, KORG launched their wonderful Gadget app on iOS.
Since that appeared, I've barely opened FLStudio at all, except for the odd sound effect work.

KORG Gadget does everything I need when doing AGameAWeek soundtracks, and that's good enough for me!
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  20th October, 2018
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  10th June, 2016
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  12th March, 2016

James "Jayenkai" Gamble is a coder who likes to code!

Having attempted and failed at both GCSE and ALevel computing, mostly due to becoming overwhelmingly bored at their idea of computing (Punched cards, Binary and How to Use a Wordprocessor!), I inevitably gave up on the idea of "computing" as a career.

Coding is my hobby.
I enjoy the freeform nature of my hobby, and will continue with it until I become bored with it!
I create because I enjoy creating, and if anyone happens to enjoy the results, then that's all good.


Email : Jayenkai@Gmail.com

Twitter : @Jayenkai
Facebook : Jayenkai
GooglePlus : +James Gamble (I tend not to use this, anymore.. Does anyone?!)

Health / The Brain Tumour!!

In March 2012, I was rushed into hospital with a fairly large cyst/tumour in my head.
After several months stuck in hospital with tubes trickling ooze from the inside of my brain, and generally vomiting every single day, for months, I was eventually let out.
Since then I've had to tackle sickness, nausea and a terrible amount of issues with my balance, a combination of which have caused me to be pretty much entirely housebound.

I occasionally blog about my health status.. If you're interested, you can find a selection of them here. But I try not to keep banging on about it!!

If you've any health related questions, feel free to ask me via twitter/email.
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About , Jayenkai
  13th June, 2017


I watched the UbiSoft E3 conference, yesterday.
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Daily Blog
  2nd March, 2011
This week saw the launch of "Monkey", the next-generation of BlitzBasic.

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Monkey-x , Glbasic , Monkey_or_glbasic , Spikedislike
  9th December, 2018
As I add more and more features to Foldapuz, it becomes more and more apparent that I haven't put a bloomin' link on this site, anywhere!!

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Daily Blog , Foldapuz
  10th July, 2015


Yesterday's first task was, of course, to add the Basketball Hoop back into SpikeDislike3.
The mechanic works the same.. Be "roughly" within the right area, and go down through the hoop to score. If you go up through the hoop, you lose your combo.
It sure is evil, this Basketball game!


As you can see, it's not quite perfect yet. I need to add "Tilt" to the reflection, and given that I'm also dealing with rescaled sprites down there, that's probably going to take a whole bunch of nasty maths stuff to get it to work right. Bah, humbug!!

I've also given Theme 16 and 17 their own challenges, and this will be the 18th, so there's only 2 more themes to figure out before the game update's ready for upload.
I will also, of course, need to double check all the challenges, just to be sure they're do-able, but so far so good.

Update : 93% complete.o/
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Daily Blog
  28th October, 2007
Wow, how time flies!
A total of 2 weeks and 4 days work (although I did take a few days off ) , and here's the first release of Arcade Slots.

It's a Slot machine, with Arcade rules applied.

Not much else to say, really!

Download Arcade Slots for DS : 500Kb

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Daily Blog
  8th December, 2018

A quick batch of JNKPlat levels, today, as I couldn't think of anything else to do for the Advent of Creativity!

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Daily Blog
  7th February, 2018
Over on the Lexaloffle forums (!?), SkyBerron has done an even smaller version of SpikeDislike than my CPC 10-Liner version, from the other day.

Managing to cram all the playability into just 278 characters, the game's missing even more of the combo system than my 10 liner edition.
It's not easy, adding combos, when the code is that cramped!

Head on over, give it a play, and be sure to give it a like whilst you're there.
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  16th January, 2007
Push and pull the balls with magnetism.
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Platdude , Magnets , Puzzle , Strategy
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