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Zero Progress
  30th August, 2018
Over on SoCoder, Spinal asked all about my old JMTrackr tool/player.
This is the second time it's cropped up in the past few days, (It was mentioned on Facebook a day or two ago) and it's got me wondering if I should attempt a new version of it for the C++ Framework... and more importantly, for JNKPlat2018.

You can learn more about JMTrackr here.


I spent a good couple of hours fiddling with possible instruments, and checking the framework can load/unload sounds. I think it's probably doable, but could I really manage to get it working well enough for JNKPlat?
I'd certainly need to code a heck of a lot of stuff to get it to work well enough, and I'm currently knee deep in getting the game itself up and running.

I think it's probably a task better left until I've got more time to do it properly. I've a lot of elements that I'd like to add to a new version, including ways to deal with fills, incorporating specific chord progressions, and other such musical things.
I'd like to make something much more substantial than the old version, and maybe even look into a more complicated way of generating instruments.

Of course, this is me just procrastinating, and avoiding the main issue.
I still have Menu Two to get working.

I should probably focus more, and do that.

You can learn more about JMTrackr here.

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