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Flapping Day
29th December 2020  
Spent most of yesterday getting Flappadiddle up and running in the Browsercade.


The game's about 70% ready to go, although there are currently no additional obstacles. Flame bars, darts, that kind of thing. Oh, and fix the background, too!
The level generator seems to be working well enough, and resolution scaling "seems" to be working well enough, or at least, for most sensible resolutions, anyway!!

Today I need to do some music for the game, get all the important files uploaded so they pre-cache properly, and then finish off the coding over the next day or so.


Speaking of music. I did consider rewriting JMTrackr for Browsercade a few days ago, after Alan's email., and it would certainly be beneficial in this case. ...
.. So, um. I might actually end up playing with that idea, today, instead!

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