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Updates!!! OMG!!
21st March 2021  
Both "A Bit of a A Spin" and "Space Popcorn" have been updated in SmileBASIC.


A Bit of a Spin (aka JNKPlat Slots) is a nice randomised JNKPlat game inside a slot machine.
Can you make it to the other side!?

Space Popcorn sees you fighting an increasingly chaotic onslaught of Popcorn!

Both of the games have been updated to use the newer Framework, so now feature the scoreboards on their titlescreens, as well as saved highscores to go with them.
No other changes, though. Too lazy to do that

You can grab the updates using SmileBASIC's internal update functionality, or typing the appropriate SBKeys into the download doohickey.

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New games every week!
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