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JSE - Day Eight - Trial and Error
6th April 2021  
I was supposed to be starting a Browsercade game, yesterday.
I certainly wasn't expecting to do much to the JSE engine..

But the fun of the puzzle dragged me back in!


I added a handful of new commands. Simple obvious stuff, like Floor, Ceil, Abs and the like, as well as Random numbers, too.
I also implemented a Hue/HSV command to go with SetColor, and then sat back and looked at what I'd achieved.
Aaah, it looks good.

Wouldn't it be handy, though, if rather than having that giant "FullScript=" variable hardcoded to the top of the script, I instead had a text area box that I could type the script into!?!

Sure would!!

I added a basic text area, shoved it into a div that could hide when the script is running, and added a big stop and start button on the top left of the page.
And it works.
It works well.
.. except..

A basic standard html text area isn't really ideal for typing code into.
It has a TON of issues, especially when it comes to the Tab button.

It seems, then, that a side task for all of this will be having to create my own code box.
I'll start with the basic text area, add a whole bucketload of script magic to the thing, and .. hopefully.. end up with a half decent edit tool.
The tasks never end, do they..

At this point, however, it should be noted that Syntax Highlighting likely won't happen, mostly because I don't *think* I can do that without various browsers inadvertently copying the HTML colour code, whilst trying to copy the script code.

.. and this is all before I even start writing the image editor..

You can see the current Command List here, with all the latest additions.
Most of the examples now work straight from the list, since I finally added the Print function.
.. Though, the Print isn't 100% yet, as it doesn't scroll the screen.

I still haven't fixed the maths/RPN stuff yet, either.
I REALLY need to fix that!

PS. I know it sounds like I've typed this with the intention of saying "Try it yourself!" at the end.
I apologise that I can't yet do that.

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