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JSE - Additional Commands
3rd May 2021  
Yesterday I struggled with those bloomin' brackets again.


Adding And/Or into the mix brought all manner of crazy maths quirks.
a and b doesn't seem to work, nor does (a) and (b), but ((a) and (b)) works just fine.
If you opt for ((a) && (b)), you get entirely different results, even though the parser actually changes and into &&.

I'm hoping that, once I actually bother to get around to fixing the BODMAS stuff, everything else will happily fall into place.

So, to take my mind off the bracket horrors, I decided to spend most of the day adding a whole host of other commands into the engine.
I did what felt natural, and opened up the Amstrad CPC manual. A whole host of traditional BASIC commands, waiting to get implemented, with a great big pile of ideas along the way.

I sifted through the entire command list, and jotted down ones that might or might not be useful, into a text file.
I then started porting these commands into the engine.
Strings : Chr, Asc, Len, Left, Right, Mid, Upper, Lower
Numbers : Bin, Hex, BinToDec, HexToDec, ATan, ATan2
System : Border, Wait!

There's probably a couple more that I've since forgotten that I added, but otherwise that took a ludicrous amount of time!! And the list is only about 1/4 done. The Amstrad CPC certainly had a very feature-complete version of BASIC!

In addition, I spent a while going through the Command List, adding in the new commands, fixing up references, throwing in a couple of better examples, and adding those much needed "Alternative Spellings" references to keep track of my curious alternatives.

A very busy day!!

You can Play with the JSE here.
If you make anything fun, let me know.

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