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JSE - Two Minor Fixes
17th August 2021  
Got all wrapped up in the odd Slowness, and couldn't get back out!


JSE's code editor now handles (more or less) tabs/indenting to a degree, as long as it's tabs!
It kinda works for spaces, but only handles Floor(GapBeforeFirstCharacter/4), then translates that to a number of tabs.
.. It should be enough, I think!

As well as that, Ctrl+Z *should* now pop the cursor back to where it was at the time the Undo was recorded.
It's not foolproof, and can be easily confused, much like most of the language, but .. for the most-part, it should at least make things a little easier to work with.

Then I started to look into why Safari has some kind of weird slowdown when you're typing.
You can get rid of it by double-clicking into the text area, and then it goes back to normal.
Such a weird issue, and I've noticed that it's much more pronounced when running from LocalHost. When it's a served webpage it's a little less obvious, but is still there a little bit.
Not sure why.
And, only in MacOS Safari. Nothing else I've tried it on can manage to reproduce the bug.

I tried and tried for a good couple of hours, but in the end gave up yet again.
I think it's just "one of those things", and I'm going to have to find ways to work around it, instead of assuming I can fix it.

So odd. Much like that "92 sprites" slowdown, it's "just there" and I can't figure out where in the code the slowdown might be coming from.

Speaking of which, the beta versions of MacOS, iOS and iPadOS no longer seem to have the "92 sprites" bug, so .. I'll quite happily blame that one on Apple, and hope that it doesn't suddenly re-appear before the final version of the next OS's are out.

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