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ALChoon Go!!
31st August 2022  
I've had this week's ALChoon sitting on my drive since last Thursday, waiting to be posted.
Now that it's gone, my drive is lonely, and needs another ALChoon.


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Variable Incidence sees a little shuttlecraft flying through the innards of a wormhole.
"What kind of game could I make out of that?" is something I've been thinking about for most of the week, but everything I can think of is either Generic Meteor Storm, or BlastTrax.
And, true, BlastTrax was a fairly fun game, but it didn't really go anywhere.

What if it did, though?
What if the game had powerups and other such things along its rainbow roads?
And could I accomplish such a lovely style of game using Browsercade's functionality?
I'd have to, at the very least, tweak the rectangles to draw at angles, so that I could have a nice road effect.

Perhaps I should try to come up with a new style of vortex/wormhole/tunnel thing, and change the gameplay slightly so that your ship is constantly being pulled through the tunnel.
That might work better, right?!

It's an idea that's been bubbling away for a good number of days, and I think that, before doing it, I need to come up with a strategy for making the difficulty build up in a decent way.
BlastTrax really was a bit of a let-down when I originally released it, mostly because "pretty rainbow road" didn't really do much.

It needs to do much, before I start..

I think this is probably the plan for next week's game.

Post any ideas into the comments! I'm gonna need 'em!

You can Play the original BlastTrax here, on Windows, or OUYA, or alternatively Play the Switch version written in SmileBASIC.

Image by NightCafe Studio

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