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So Much to Do
7th November 2022  
I've got roughly 23 days to get the SpikeDislike Advent Collection done, and *checks*
I'm only just halfway there.


I managed to get another two themes crammed into yesterday, but annoyingly one of them deserves a properly composed piece of music to work right, so I guess that's another task to add to the list, along with figuring out how to do daily unlocks over December.

I also need to start collating the soundtrack and bundling it into its own little ALBum, so that I can point users to that from the game's interface, should they want to download it all in a neat bundle.

Seems odd to be spending this much time and effort on SpikeDislike of all things, but.. Hey, if it gets the clicks, that's the main thing!!


I haven't even started thinking about a game for this week, other than that blog post a few days with the crazy images.
Honestly, nothing happened since posting that, and I just went right back to doing SpikeDislike things again.
*slaps wrist*

I definitely need to work on a game.
But what...
I'm going to have to sit and stare at that Green Monster picture for a few hours until a game idea emerges.

"A retro 8-bit videogame screenshot where the player is a green monster." by #DallE

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