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Rest Day
  6th February, 2018
Yesterday was supposed to be a day full of Mobile-Dev, but instead, I simply spent the day relaxing, and playing an alarming amount of Flappadiddle!


So, today's plan is the same as yesterday.
Get the two mobile editions up and running.

Thanks to everyone who's been testing out this week's edition of Flappadiddle.
So far the results are mostly positive, with the game seemingly running fine in all places, except one guy's computer at work which is running it at an average of 15fps. The game's not exactly ideal at that speed, and apparently my "Delta" framerate code isn't quite as good as it could be, at that speed.

There's also been a couple of complaints about general gameplay quirks, but those will be solved over the next couple of weeks. For now I'm more focused on getting the game running in all the right places, and so far that seems to be going ok.

So, back to the code, and figuring out Android..

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