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Shoebox - Beginnings
  11th February, 2019
The first visible engine output.
Taking a significant chunk of the Foldapuz/Unfolded, and JNKsg code as the basis, I've managed to get a fairly decent drawing engine up and running.
Text, Ovals, Rects, Lines, Plot, and the all important DrawImg are all in, and functioning as expected, albeit without any recolouring for DrawImg. (Since I'm using basic Javascript and HTML5, I'm forfeitting the ability to recolour my sprites)


I'm currently managing to get about 2 decks of cards onscreen at once, which is a great number.
The solitaire game of Spider requires 2 decks onscreen at once, and this is managing that, so .. Gudgud!!

If you'd like to see a pile of cards flailing in a swirly thing, You can find it here.

Mouse/Touch to make the deck gravitate towards that point.
Let me know if you find something it's broken on.
.. And, of course, it's broken on IE!

Note : The current title for this collection is "Grandpa Plat's Shoebox of Games"

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