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13th February 2019  
Dragging is working, but not accurately.
With any luck, you should now be able to drag the cards around between columns, but with a few issues..

Shoebox Test


1. It's not recognising empty columns for dropping. This *should* be an easy fix, but may be dependent on how other games behave.. Hmm..

2. It's not recognising when you drag below a column for dropping, either. It probably should, but again I'm not sure what might happen in future games.

3. There are no rules, yet, for dragging and dropping. I need to find a simple way to add rules from outside the card functions..

Otherwise, things seem to be working alright. It's a teensy bit tiny when played on my iPhone, but I think that might actually be down to the size of the cards when trying to play this game. It IS more than a little squished, on here!!

But.. Yeah, it seems alright, I think.
Only with further coding will I know if I've done it correctly!
... The code's an absolute mess, so far!!

Shoebox Test

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